Skirts; long, short or mini, what’s your type?


Whether you are going to a party or a school prom night, whether it’s a meeting day at work or you are getting ready for school, skirts are in. No matter how the fashion industry has evolved and how many choices do we get with each day passing, skirts are never out of fashion. You can always rely on skirts if you don’t find or think of anything else to wear.

The best thing about skirts is that they are never considered outdated. You can always find the perfect one, no matter what’s the occasion. Skirts come in thousands of different styles. From hourglass to pencil, short, mini, long, A-line to pear shape body, you can find a skirt for whatever body shape you have. From casual to professional or party wear, skirts could surprise you when you start looking for your style.

What is a miniskirt?

Miniskirts have faced everything like hate, love, critics, and all. Miniskirts are perfect for those who are slim as they also make your legs appear longer. The mini skirt is usually far up from your knee and comes down to mid-thigh length usually. But miniskirts also vary in size. The mini skirt is a short skirt but how to differentiate between short and mini skirts? What’s the actual and proper length for a mini skirt to differentiate it from a short skirt?

Well, mini skirt length usually varies from 11 to 17 inches. But it also depends on the height of a person. A 17-inches mini skirt will be like a full knee-length skirt to a short-heighted person. So you have to find a mini skirt of the right length according to your height.

A short skirt is longer than a miniskirt and shorter than a long or maxi skirt. Short skirt length usually varies from lower-thigh to knee-length. Usually, a short skirt or midi skirt is considered a regular skirt. Midi skirt is somewhere between knee and ankle length.

Similar to the other skirt types, long skirt length also varies from skirt to skirt and person to person. A long skirt could be anywhere from above knee-length to floor-length, like a maxi style.

How many different styles of skirts can you choose from?

When we say in simple words, a skirt is just a tube-shaped garment that hangs down from your waist. But this tube-shaped garment could be so versatile that you can design it for any purpose and carry it with many different styles. Skirts were never out of style but who knew that this much variation would come in skirts to amazing use. Let’s take a look at different styles of skirts, so you know what’s your go-to style for the next event:

  • Fitted skirt

A fitted skirt or pencil skirt, just like its name is fitted from the waist and hips down to the legs.

  • A-line skirt:

A-line skirt is formed in A letter style. This one is most common.

  • Draped skirt:

 The fabric of the skirt is draped or assembled at one side, making it look like an Indian saree style.

  • Layered skirt:

Multiple layers of fabric are assembled on top of each other to form a skirt shape.

  • Tulip skirt:

Just as its name suggests, the tulip skirt forms a shape like an inverted tulip flower.

  • Dirndl skirt

A straight skirt that is assembled at the waist to give it a frock look, making it look bulky at the waist.

  • Pleated skirt

Different pleats like narrow plates, wide pleats gather to make a long skirt, short or mini skirt.

  • Divided skirts:

Formed like a skirt but divided into two parts like a pant or palazzo. Although, wide flares of both parts combine to make a shape of a skirt.

  • Straight skirts

Just like its name, a straight skirt is straight without any pleats, puffiness, or any other style. They look like a pencil skirt but not as much fitted like a pencil skirt.

Different ways to style your skirt:

Depending on different skirt designs and lengths, you can style them in many different ways. You just need to pair them with the right options to make them look perfect for your casual, work, or party looks. Let’s dive into a few different ways of styling your skirt:

  • Wear them with sneakers:

Going out shopping or running errands? Top up your skirt with a simple denim shirt and a pair of sneakers at the bottom. A cardigan would be a plus, and you are good to go.

  • Faux fur

Faux fur on top of your black and white striped skirt, with a pair of black leggings. You can carry it anywhere from a supermarket to a girls’ night out.

  • A graphic tee

Wear your denim short skirt with a graphic tee tucked inside. Pull-on a blazer to complete your casual-formal look. And don’t forget to add a pair of chunky or patterned boots to compliment your look.

  • The skirt is worn over jeans

If you are not in a mood to show some skin today, then wear some jeans for a classic but unique and funky look. A perfect winter skirt look.

  • With a sweater

Yes, blazers never go out of style, but so does a sweater or cardigan. Top your short skirt with a cardigan or sweater for chilly spring night or at least keep it handy to outcast the chill.

  • Monochromatic:

Go all white or all black. It’s totally up to you. Not that, matching is a necessity but monochromatic looks are in these days. Match your top and bottom with a cool yet simple blazer on top. You can go black with your black leather pencil skirt with long boots and fur coat on top.

Our verdict:

Skirts are never outdated, they never left the fashion industry. If you have one in your closet, you don’t need to wait for the right time to wear it. Because you can take it out and wear it right now if you are going out somewhere. You just need to pair it with the right pair of shoes and a blazer, according to where you are intended to go. So, if you don’t have any skirts yet, go and find some. Your wardrobe needs an update.

Have fun skirt sorting J