Online Shopping Problems & Their Solution with Trendha

You can see how the internet has bought a revolution in the e-commerce industry. Since the first transaction made online in 1995. After that internet and online transaction has increased tremendously and given rise to online shopping. Online shopping to date has increased exponentially and is now in this pandemic, it is one the most convenient way to shop. But everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So does the online shopping trend. Here we are going to discuss some problems that customers face while shopping online. We will also highlight how you can avoid such problem with

Problems Faced By Customers Online

Vague Information

It is often seen that many websites (particularly those who intend to fraud) that do not display a piece of proper information regarding the products. For example, they may use vague descriptions or images that do not show the exact products and quality. It often offends customers and also does not build their trust as potential buyers. So as an owner of an online store you must ensure that text is properly written, all the specifications of the product are clear and images are of high quality. Remember all these details make a clear difference. So do not miss it. is an ultimate e-commerce store that is one of its kind. Its product description, classification, and specification of each product under its respective category make it easier for you to shop without any second thoughts. So without wasting your time grab the opportunity and shop for your favorite items.

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Poor Delivery Services

One of the major problems of online shopping is its delivery services. Almost every e-commerce site have a delivery tracking system but that does not work properly when it comes to home error. The delivery person can delay the delivery either because he is unable to find the exact location, or he has other orders and many more as they do not have an exact delivery time or slot. The same happens when someone wants to exchange their products. Another issue with the delivery service is that it does not deliver to rural areas most of the time. This reduces the efficiency of an online shopping store.

Trendha has come up with an advanced tracking system. With this system, they keep a track of every delivery and make sure that it reaches their customer on time. Also, they deliver all over the country and also to ships worldwide. Shop now and have the best customer experience ever.

Complicated Web Store

Although a complicated website structure may seem attractive to the eyes it does not work in that way. When customers get on to your site the one with complex structure and much irrelevant information and navigation. He will get frustrated very soon. It so because he/she cannot find what he was looking for and will leave your site. In this way, you will be going to lose your potential buyers. A study conducted by Forrester indicates that 50% of potential customers are dropped by complex site structure and navigation. is the most simplest and organized online store with everything that you want. It does not have any navigation links. All the items and products are arranged categorically in a sequence. So without wasting any time you can get straight to your desired product.  

Intangible Products

Humans are tactile organisms. They have sensory receptors that let them feel and predict many things. For example, when someone wants to buy clothes they touch and feel the quality of the product and then buy it accordingly. With online shopping, humans are deprived of the sense of touch. This can be a problem that restricts them from shopping online. defines its products in a way that will not require physical touch. With their product description, they try to explain every pro and conn of a product to their customers. So that there are no doubts. They do not tend to sell products but rather they are focused to build a good customer relationship. They have a full customer support center that assists their customers in every possible way. So they can shop budget-friendly, high-quality products with 100% satisfaction.

Understand the Customer Needs

Another con of online shopping is the poor communication system. Most of the e-commerce sites out there do not communicate properly about the needs of their customers. A person buying from an e-store surely needs your guidance. But due to complex structure and automation, they have not guided propyl. Hence you can lose your potential buyers.

Trendha has developed a fully functional communication system that asks you question regarding you need. Analyzing your requirements the system guide you to shop for your required products. This two-way communication not only helps your customer to get straight to the products it also build a trustworthy relationship over time. This relation enhances the credibility and reliability of the store. Understanding your customers’ needs is the key to a successful business.

Lack of Trustworthy Payment Options

First of all most people out there do not trust online payment options as there are many scams and frauds. They hesitate to give their personal information like the debit card number. Also, Cash on delivery options are not all the time trustworthy. Therefore customers usually prefer buying from a physical store to remain intact from such problems.

Trendha offers a complete guide that ensures that the payment options are all safe and that their information is not being misused anywhere. Also with their online tracking system and delivery team, your cash will be in safe hands. If anything happens they can track it down.

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