Must have kitchen essentials

 Are you shifting your apartment? Or simply looking to renovate and upgrade your kitchen to luxurious and fuller? The kitchen is the most important corner of your house. If you want your kitchen to be a place, where you don’t get frustrated, annoyed, and panicked while making your breakfast before leaving for work, then you need to upgrade your kitchen. The kitchen and dining collection is something that should be chosen very carefully and wisely. Make sure that you are not just collecting junk that will end up leaving no space for essential items in your kitchen.

Today, we will guide you through the basic but important items that will make your kitchen and dining a comfortable place and you will be a better cook with all the peace with having important and useful tools around you. if you want to know how to upgrade your kitchen to the next level, then keep reading. We are going to mention some basics, that your kitchen and dining might be lacking. Let’s take a look at a few essential tools, and trust me, you will end up with a clearer mindset about what to buy and what to let go of:

  • Non-stick pan set:

Non-stick pans and saucepans are the first and foremost needs of every kitchen. Because eggs and pancakes can be made best on non-stick pans. But make sure not to use an abrasive spoon or spatula or it will scratch your pan. These versatile pans can also be used for searing meat and sautéing vegetables.

  • Chef’s knife and block:

Whenever you enter your kitchen to cook, the first thing you need is a knife. If you only have space for one knife, then we will recommend a chef’s knife. Just invest in a good one and keep it with care. It will be able to get 90% of tasks done. But if you are getting more than one, then you need a knife block too.

  • Cutting boards:

Wooden cutting boards are mostly good and grippy. You need one to keep your hands safe and make your cutting easier. But you can also go for plastic ones, and they can also be put in the dishwasher for total disinfection.

  • Mixing bowls:

Mixing bowls are an absolute necessity because a lot of dishes start from them, meatballs or cake, name it. you need a ceramic one, for cakes and all, and a stainless steel one, for meat dishes.

  • Whisk and spatula:

Another important tool to start your day is the kitchen. Scrambled egg, or pancake, whatever you are cooking for breakfast, you need both of them.

  • Kitchen linens:

While working in the kitchen, a lot can happen in just a blink of an eye. To protect your hands and skin from burns and spills, you need oven gloves, an apron, and a couple of pf clean clothes, best made out of linen, to clean your hands frequently.

  • Colander and grater:

Think of baking a pizza, without a grater, or making pasta, without a colander. These two are must-have pairs for your kitchen. Choose your grater wisely, with a sturdy design, and if it’s larger, better.

  • Storage:

No matter, how many in-built cabins you have in your kitchen. You can always be short on storage in the kitchen. So, a piece of furniture would be a great help to keep the things in form.

  • Spoons:

A set of spoons is necessary for every kitchen. With eating spoons, you must have a set of 4 spoons: a wooden mixing spoon, plastic or metal mixing spoon, serving spoon, and measuring spoons, then your kitchen spoon set will be complete.

  • Baking basics:

Investing in some baking essentials is never a waste. For the starters, you can go for a rolling pin, bakeware set including muffin tray and different sizes cake pans and rectangular baking dish. Don’t forget mixing bowls.

  • Sustainable food storage

If you are a food lover and a good cook too, then it means more food, and more food means more leftovers. So you need sustainable food storage in handy. If you are currently relying on disposable bags for leftovers, you should try getting silicone reusable as an alternative and also find some bowls with lids on them.

  • Serveware:

If you are a foodie, then your friends might be too. If you are the kind of person who enjoys company, then you must have to serve ware that is not made of paper or plastic. Wooden, plastic or metal serve wares come in the best designs.

  • Kitchen scale:

Another important tool, that can help make anything. It’s a better measuring way and won't even cost you any more than $5. It also comes in digital as well as analog.

  • Measuring cups:

If you aren’t comfortable with the kitchen scale, like me of course, because not everyone can measure by weight. So you need to have a set of measuring cups in your kitchen for sure. It will help you with baking and cooking.

  • Vegetable peeler:

If you really want to keep your hands safe from cuts and bruises and also want to speed up your cutting process, which usually takes more time than cooking, then you need a vegetable peeler. It will help you speed up and stay safe.

  • Tongs

Tongs are very helpful and useful when you are cooking. They reduce the risks of burn, help flip big pieces of food in a pan and also help move ingredients.

  • Can opener:

Yes, can opener! You might not necessarily need it on regular basis, but when you do, nothing can work as an alternative to this.

To sum up:

Let us tell you if you want to work as a pro in the kitchen without being frustrated, then all these items mentioned above should be in your kitchen for sure. These are very basic items, and you might have a few of them already in your kitchen. But if you think you are lacking something then go through this list again and find yourself the remaining items to make your kitchen a better place. Have a good time cooking J