How to style and pair up cool trendy shorts in the summer?


Shorts are not only a dress or cloth to wear. It’s a mood, that specifies your taste. Whether summer or winter, a guy can pair it with any of the tops/shirts. You just have some styling sense and are ready to attract others to your personality and looks.

From denim to non-denim cool trendy shorts, gym wear or casual shorts, summer colorful shorts to knitted shorts for winter. There are a lot more choices for you. Just buy the one that gives you full performance and enhances your personality.


Different styles of cool trendy shorts

Back in the day, shorts were only thought to be worn under the cloth. But the latest trends and the modern fashion industry have given shorts an important place. Just make your style statement by wearing denim shorts with a classy button-down shirt. Rock the world by having an idea of different types of shorts.

·       Tennis shorts

These above-the-knee shorts are the most comfortable and favorite shorts of sportsmen like tennis players. Because they allow your legs to move freely. The material is also breathable, so less chance of sweating and irritation.


·       Cargo shorts

The khaki material shorts with pockets for design is mostly worn for hiking and trekking. You can also keep your things in them. While some people also wear it as a fashion statement casually too.


·       Printed shorts

Many different prints and colors of shorts are available in the market. But the best of all is camouflage and stripes. The combination of patterns and colors makes these shorts popular with men.


·       Denim shorts

The never-ending fashion of denim took it to next level in form of shorts. From slim fit to lose one, both are available in the market. Some men like ripped style, you can also try it.



·       Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are comfortable shorts with adjustable drawstrings at the waist. They are longer in size like knee length or more.


·       Linen shorts

The popular shorts are the linen shorts that must have the item if you are on vacations like beach etc. It’s made of lightweight and breathable material. That’s why preferred by men.



·       Swim shorts

For swimming and water sports etc, the best type of shorts to wear is, swim shorts. As these shorts have hydrodynamic characteristics, so they don’t irritate or disturb you in water.

As the trend and fashion are continuously evolving, so many types of shorts come onto the market. You can style them as you like or as they look good on you.



Elevate your wardrobe this summer by getting  comfortable trendy shorts

Maybe you have many different types, styles, and fabrics of shorts. But you should know which one to wear and when to wear it. Here is a guideline for your knowledge.

  • If you are a sportsman, wear tennis shorts along with matching or any colored T-shirt to elevate your style game.
  • Casually wearing linen shorts? Pair it with a polo shirt or round neck T to look attractive.
  • Cargo or chino shorts can be worn with any type of shirt. Pair it with a button-down shirt and sneakers to attract everyone to you.
  • Grabs everyone’s attention by wearing printed shorts with a colored oxford shirt.

Shorts perfectly go with a T-shirt and sneakers. As shorts are the best dress to wear casually. So make your summer night super cool and classy by wearing them.