Elevate the interior of your house with wall decoration and painting supplies


Who does not want to make his home or workplace presentable? A place, where he goes and refreshes his mood and finds peace in it. Many people hire interior designers for their houses or offices. But if you cannot afford it. Don’t worry. Because you can yourself decorate your home. If you are interested in decorating the walls of your home/workplace. We can guide you and give you information about it.


There are many wall decoration and painting supplies available on the market. Like wallpaper sheets, PVC panels and wall stickers, etc. They are available in different sizes and styles. It depends on you, whether you like printed sheets or plain ones. Some of them are also available in 3D, but they are a little expensive.

You can use them in living rooms, dining halls, TV lounge, and kitchen too. All these wall decorations items will uplift the value of your house. They also reflect your style and personality. The well decorative home shows that you are a lively person with amazing choices. All these painting supplies not only elevate your home but are also beneficial for the safety of your walls too.


Wallpaper sheets, wall stickers, or PVC panels; what to buy?

Bought a new home or renovate the old one? No problem. Add wallpaper sheets, stickers, and PVC sheets to make it look awesome. All these items are cleanable if get dirty. They are anti-corrosion in nature and odor-free products, that make your home a better place to live. Most of them are moisture-proof and waterproof.

If your home’s walls have seepage in them. That gives a very unpleasant look to your family space. Then you should use wallpaper or PVC panels to hide it. Do you know the difference between them and what they are? We will describe everything to you.

Wallpaper sheet

Wallpaper sheet is used to interiorly decorate the walls of your house and workplace. The sheet is not similar to a normal sheet but it’s made of synthetic material. It does not easily get damaged and is suitable for any kind of environment. Some of the high-quality sheets are waterproof and moisture-proof. They are easily maintained and washable.

The mesmerizing designs like a brick style or 3d flowers are always liked by people.

PVC Panel

PVC is a lightweight panel that is made of plastic and is waterproof. The panels are available in many colors and designs. The length of the panel can also vary according to your need. They are mostly used in areas that are more prone to moisture and water. Like the kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc.


Wall stickers

Wall stickers are the easiest way to decorate your home. They are relatively affordable than wallpapers and PVC panels. Not only on walls, but you can also put them on shelves, furniture, windows, etc. They are not long-lasting like sheets and panels. But they are easily removable and affordable.

All these wall decorations and painting supplies look amazing on the walls of a home. But always look for budget-friendly items for your home.


Which one is better, wall paint or wallpaper sheet?

Thinking of changing the color of the walls? Then why not try wallpaper or PVC? Are you confused, what to do? Don’t worry. Whether you want to paint the wall or put a sheet. Everything has its pros and cons, which might affect you. So before taking a decision, keep some points in your mind.

  • If you choose to paint, it might take some time for drying. You cannot immediately put all your stuff back at the same point. While wallpaper or PVC needs time for the installation process.
  • You will need highly trained professionals to put wallpaper on the walls. While if you have an airbrush or roller, you can paint the wall on your own.
  • You can paint whatever color you want on your house walls. But for PVC or wallpaper, you have to search for the perfect panel design that goes with your house theme.
  • The sheets and panel are easily cleaned and are waterproof but the paint is not as strong as these sheets are.
  • Maybe your house needs to paint after 5 years but wallpaper is a long-term investment. Because they have a guarantee of more than 10 years.
  • Wallpaper is odorless and safe for your home. While the paint has an odor and can be dangerous if you have a kid at home.
  • The wallpapers are costly but they have a big-time span. While the paint is affordable but you have to renew it after some time.

So, these factors should be considered before applying paint or paper to the walls. It is highly recommended to do a mix of paint and paper. Your home will look attractive by adding wallpapers in rooms and paint in bathrooms.


Benefits of wall decoration and painting supplies

The home improvement items make your house neat and presentable. The first look of your house gives a pleasant impression to the guests and they enjoy your home. There are many benefits of these items that you don’t even think about.

  • These stickers and wallpapers are non-sticky and they are waterproof. They do not absorb moisture. You can clean them by using a wet cloth.
  • Some of the wallpapers have a self-adhesive design. That can automatically be fixed in the place. You do not need to call anyone to put it on walls or shelves.
  • PVC panels have a long life span and they are environment friendly. Because they don’t have any odor.
  • Sheets do not fade easily and have anti-corrosion properties. They are harmless and cannot easily fall off.

If you want to give your house, a royal look. Then you should add these sheets to your home, along with the paint. As they are easily maintained and do not giving any harm to your life. Why not try them. Search online the wall decoration and painting supplies. You will get amazing ideas and themes to decorate your house.