E-commerce Retail Stores Vs. Specialty E-stores: Which One to Choose?

With the sudden surge in online shopping, buyers are often left to choose between specialty stores like Decathlon that offer exclusive products of one category and e-commerce retail stores like Amazon that offer all sorts of products regardless of which category they come under. Fact that these retail stores offer products at a lower price compared to specialty ones, buyers often contemplate the quality it offers. Here we have drawn a brief comparison of both these e-stores to make your online shopping in the US easier!

E-commerce Retail Store (General Stores)

Affordable shopping: Due to the absence of middlemen and additional taxes, prices at these platforms are way lower than those of specialty. It is never necessary to purchase an item at its maximum retail price. In addition to that, you find exactly what you're looking for on the ongoing year-round sales. With so many products offered and so many vendors competing for business, the consumer gets the greatest deal possible.

 Less/no shipping charges: The additional expense of transportation is quite possibly the most vexing parts of online purchasing. Numerous online retailers charge an extra $15 or more for conveyance, hiking the entire order’s price. General e-stores like Amazon and Trendha offer probably the most affordable delivery costs across all online shopping havens.

 Availability of bulk ordering: As these e-stores have warehouse storage and low prices, they are open to wholesale purchases. Since they sell numerous different things, you can every now and again place a bulk order of numerous unrelated items and have them all sent simultaneously. This also gives a pretty good deal on delivery charges.

 Vast selection: Continuing what was mentioned before in regards to a major seller base, this implies that an assortment of items from the same brand is available from different sellers are different prices. In case you're looking for something explicit, odds are you'll track it down from almost ten unique brands/seller under different deals. Comparing prices was never easier. This feature simplifies the process of comparing costs and additional benefits offered by sellers where you find precisely what you need.

Mark of trust: Since these general stores have a particularly huge client base coming from all kinds of categories and niche, most of the items accompany honest reviews and real-time product pictures by previous buyers. These are very helpful in figuring out how the products look in real, if they are worth the penny, how that platform dealt with any issues faced by buyers, etc. After sifting through those reviews, you can easily determine which seller provides reliable products.

 Quick delivery: The all-nation presence of e-commerce retail store warehouses is a big plus point. One gets their products delivered to them in 2 to 5 business days due to the close proximity of warehouses. In addition to that, since these platforms are a brand in itself, they have professional tie-ups with the courier/delivery chains that aid the quick transportation, thus giving buyers the best of all worlds.

 Fantastic customer care: These big general e-stores have a reputation to live up to. Thus, they need their consumers to be satisfied and happy with what they offer. Not once will you face any sort of clashes or misunderstandings with the customer care services of Walmart or Target. Delivery issues? Fixed. Broken items received? Fixed. Different item received? Fixed. What’s more, is numerous contact options. You can call, email or even go to the physical stores to get your issue resolved.


Specialty E-stores

Saves time and efforts: At specialty stores like Sephora and IKEA, you simply go to purchase a couple of specific items. You don't go glut purchasing and subsequently, you don't buy things you needn't bother with. Your budget is safe since you do not get distracted by other products to bait your eyes where you end up spending undeniably more than you proposed. In a specialty e-store, such superfluous shopping is impossible. You know what you want and you get what you desire.

 The expertise of that particular category/niche: These stores focus on a solitary market niche and work deep in it. In regular general stores, where the emphasis is on nonexclusive things instead of 'specials,' such exclusive items are normally hard to get. In contrast with an e-commerce retail store that offers everything, these specialty ones offer an essentially greater scope of their respective products, paying little mind to store size. Niche stores give clients plenty of choices, from the sheer variety of items to the value range, ensuring that they get precisely what they need.

 Assures quality: Niche specialty stores are heavily reliant on the quality of products they offer along with the nature of their main forte products. This is one reason why their prices are comparatively higher than that of general stores. However, the promoting range of specialty stores is restricted. Thus, they focus on explicit item classes and represent considerable expertise in their respective domain. This implies that you, as a purchaser, have a lot of quality choices.


Our Verdict

Buyers shopping online in the US have an assortment of stores to pick from, each with its own plan of action. Specialty stores, which offer a defined set of items under a particular category have their own charm, and general e-commerce retail stores, which sell a significantly extensive choice of products have their own. We see that both are at the furthest edges of the range. Our personal verdict is to choose the latter, i.e., the general retail e-stores. The main reason behind this is the fantastic flexibility and all-season availability this market offers. From vegetables to table runners, it’s your one-stop destination for anything and everything. The cherry on top is that these stores do not burn your pockets. Hence, it is a budget-friendly, convenient and reliable option. Some e-commerce retail stores that always go unmentioned are Amazon, MRSLM and Trendha. With quick delivery and the best of services, you get the best of all worlds in a single tap.