Dress the Right Way: Your Personal Styling Guide

Even though the sort of clothing desired is mentioned on the invite, it might be tough to determine which dress to wear with far too many varied dress codes around nowadays. There is nothing more embarrassing than turning up to a business meeting or a dinner in the incorrect outfit, but figuring out how to dress is often not as simple. While dresses all might seem the same, they are all unique in their respective parts. Trendha’s team of stylists come together to guide all fashionistas where to wear which type of dress and catch all those eyes. Read on to rule the room you enter!

Shirt Dresses

  • A sleeveless shirt dress in a bright and lovely coral tone is ideal for summertime. For a traditional and elegant shape, wear it fitted at the waist with a complimenting toned scarf. Fluted sandals, modest jewelry and a pastel Panama hat complete the look.
  • Casual gatherings like a day out with your girls call for solid leggings with a complimentary monochrome shirt dress and stiletto lace-ups.  Long leggings also look great paired with a fitted shirt dress and ankle-length black boots.
  • When wearing a shirt dress, cinch your waistline with a belt and pair it with elegant block wedges for a more formal look. This is perfect attire for pleasant golfing days. 
  • On chilly days, pair your shirt dress with tights or fold up its sleeves for a more casual appearance. 
  • If you’re getting ready for a long, casual and relaxing vacation then shirt dresses should be your go-to option. Pair them with an oversized pastel lace hat, large sunglasses, strapped-flip flops and basic accessories. Shirt dresses are lightweight, quick-drying and don’t take up a lot of space- simply perfect for when travelling!

Maxi Dresses

  • If you're going to wear a maxi dress in the daytime, choose one that's easy-going, flexible, and simple to roam around in.
  • It's a great idea to go for a patterned, bright, or embroidered maxi dress for a midday appearance, but the trick is to tone it down a bit.
  • For a classic daytime style, combine it with trendy sneakers and a tote bag. Don't miss out on casual strappy slippers and sunglasses.
  • If you'd like to wear the maxi dress to work, add a blazer, high-waisted belt along ankle leather boots to jazz it up.
  • Maxi dresses with vibrant floral, geometric and tie-dye prints are sure to enhance color in a midday outfit.
  • Don't miss maxi dresses for your vacation on the beaches, they'll be your best friends!  They're made of soft and flowing fabric which is ideal for swimming, sunbathing on the beach and playing volley in the pool all day.
  • A formal maxi dress is excellent for individuals who wish to wear one in the evenings. For an exquisite evening appearance, choose a striking color or design in luxury fabrics like satin, suede, or silk.
  • An embroidered dress is always there to add elegant shine to your wardrobe. Whether you're going out to dinner or going to attend a wedding as an evening guest, embroidered ones will always go a long way.

Mini Dresses

  • You may simply wear a mini dress to breakfast or lunch with a beautiful boxy handbag and elegant flat shoes. Look stylish by pairing it up with gold accessories that aren't too flashy. It's unpretentious while still being quite fashionable.
  • Wear your mini dresses to college events or a casual hangout with your friends at a laid-back café. To match with your dress, choose some stylish vintage flats and add a retro styled backpack that will complete the appearance.
  • Out for a glam party and in the mood to look chic? Put on a complementary scarf, oversized round sunglasses, a coordinating pair of closed-toe high heels, along with a minimalistic sling bag to your mini dress for a mod or retro-inspired appearance. Then finish off your look with a pair of modest rose gold earrings.
  • Wear your mini dresses to a casual business meeting by taking it down a notch and still stealing hearts. Pair it with kitten heels and add an oversized and baggy jacket to complete the outfit.  To finish off this edgy look, simply add a minimalist chain necklace along with big sunglasses. also make a loose ponytail, clip your hair back or make a soft hair bun for a polished appearance.
  • Take a quick and casual trip to Target or any other grocery in your mini dress paired with a slouchy denim jacket. Make it chic with low-top denim or any fabric sneakers. For quick access, carry your basics in a compact knapsack, tote bag or a cute fanny pack. Combine this look with basic studs and a few mid-finger rings.

Bodycon & Wrap Dresses

  • With the appropriate accessories, bodycon dresses can always be worn to work. Pair a sleeveless bodycon dress with a blazer or jacket for a chic professional look. For added comfort, pointy flat footwear can be worn.
  • For a casual appearance, combine your bodycon dress with either a pair of flip flops or basic rubber shoes. It is a great way to tone out a bodycon dress that is already flourishing with style.
  • A pair of stiletto heels with a wrapped dress is what will do for occasions like hosting or attending formal conferences. Make a bun or a neat ponytail to complement the look. Pearl studs and a chain necklace will lend a simple accent to the entire look as accessories.
  • Adding layers to your bodycon dress helps complete the appearance for a casual yet sophisticated occasion. Throw a denim shirt, a trench coat, a jacket or an oversized coat on your wrapped dresses to seem more relaxed. These give your clothing a casual and laid-back vibe which is exactly what you need for such events.
  • Brunches are another great occasion to wear your bodycon dresses. Get that look by breaking the monotony of a monochrome tone. If your dress follows a single color, add another complementary tone to your attire. Jewelry, your lipstick shade, carry on purses and footwear is where you can grab the chance to do so.